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Wind Turbine Support Structure (WTSS)

Offshore Kinetics has developed a game changing offshore floating wind turbine support structure that will optimise assembly, installation, commissioning, operation & maintenance and decommissioning of wind farms. The concept gives considerable reduced life cycle cost.

Introducing technical and operational standards for the future. Offshore Kinetics’ overall objective is to upscale, demonstrate and commercialize our solution in the offshore wind market.

Competitive advantages:

  • No mooring lines.
    • Increased kW/ area ratio.
      • Reduced impact with the fishing industry.
    • Reduced field infrastructure.
    • Reduced engineering and design scope.
    • Reduced surveys and geotechnical scope.
    • Reduced marine operation scope.
    • No mooring line (design, analyse, fabrication, testing, transport, storage, installation, hook-up, (monitoring, inspection/ repair/ replacement), disconnection, removal, decommission).
  • Disconnect-able, single point anchoring.
    • Easy to disconnect from the anchor and tow the unit inshore for heavy maintenance, repair and modifications.
  • Uncomplicated onshore/ inshore/ assembly.
    • Reduced lifting heights.
      • No use of expensive vessels or jack-ups.
  • Robust, efficient and simplified tow out & offshore installation of the fully operational unit.
    • No offshore lifts.
    • Well proven offshore operations.
    • Minimised weather dependency.
    • Immediately applicable for commissioning.
  • Favourable HSE
    • Minimal personnel exposure in all phases.
    • Limited offshore activities.
    • Minimal life cycle environmental impact.
  • Reduced risk exposure and major reductions in Levelized Cost of Energy (LCOE).
    • Utilisation of well-proven technology.
    • Reduced offshore installation & maintenance, logistic and costs.
    • Simplified decommissioning and removal with no environmental impact at site.
  • Interfaces Customer specified wind turbine generator.
  • Interfaces any site seabed conditions.


The concept is the answer; when long offshore experience and requirement for safe operations and improved cost efficiency is the basic input.

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